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I have a love/hate relationship with Sundays.


– Sleeping in (though that’s like 8AM these days, but anything is better than 6AM with an annoying alarm)

– Multiple cups of coffee in the sunroom or on the couch

– Reading the paper, blogs, catching up on magazines

– New York Times Sunday crossword

– Sunday family dinners

– Cooking for the week


– Sunday night prep for the week: laundry, planning things for week, the impending doom of Monday morning wakeup

I know the top list outweighs the bottom one, but that Sunday night sad feeling that hits at 8pm often outweighs the good feelings of the day beforehand. I try to make sure I have a good movie or show to watch on Sunday nights to unwind and mentally prep for the weekend, but it doesn’t always help.

How do you overcome the Sunday blues?

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One thought on “Sundays

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with my weekends, in general. I work for a lot of them and very rarely get to enjoy them anymore. I usually get a day and a half off during the week if I have to work the weekend, so I have to do my laundry and cleaning then. When I was doing my internship I had to do laundry and cleaning on my half days and in the evenings when I got home from work. I do get off at 4:00 on weekends, though, so I at least get some of my afternoon, but it got old really fast. Having these hours was great when I was in college, but now they make me want to rip my hair out some days. So, I know exactly how you feel. Today is my day off, so I’ve just been catching up on shows and reading blogs. I should really do laundry and clean my bathroom, but I’m really just not feeling it, lol. The only reason why I’m looking forward to work tomorrow is because I’m getting my iPad Mini shipped there and it’s supposed to come in the afternoon.

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