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No One Tells You v1

A few of my friends & I get a kick out of listing the random things of adulthood no one tells you about when you’re 16 and dying to be adult.

Here are a few- would love to hear contributions from you too!

  • You’re going to spend a significant portion of your precious weekend time doing needed adult things like errands and cleaning.
  • And the further irony is that most of these places are open only until noon and all hopes for a Saturday spent sleeping in gone.
  • You get heartburn from raw red onions ( or maybe just me!)
  • You get excited by buy one, get one free chicken at the supermarket ( oh, just me again?)
  • Every now and again you say something that your parents ( or grandparents say) and you can’t believe what just came out of your mouth.
  • Staying in becomes more exciting than going out ( um bottle of wine in PJs versus crowded bar- DUH!)


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2 thoughts on “No One Tells You v1

  1. So very true. It’s amazing by how many things we get surprised when we reach adulthood, isn’t it?

  2. You’ll actually get REALLY EXCITED when you can be in bed and asleep by 9pm. And simultaneously excited when you wake up by 8am on the weekends because it means you can get more done. Adulthood is SO EXITING! Ha.

    BUT. Sometimes, you can forgo your healthy breakfast for cupcakes and really, adulthood is awesome. 🙂

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