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5 on Friday

1. I’ve written before that my mom and I are lover of musicals and that we are long time subscribers to the Providence Performing Arts Center. This year’s season is quite good and Wednesday night we saw Once. I didn’t love the movie so I knew the plot of the musical wouldn’t be appealing to me, but I really loved the music. This is a great review/info piece on the show from RI Monthly.

2. I hate allergies. I never had them as a kid ( except to Christmas trees & hay), but somewhere along the line developed them as an adult. Even with being on top of medication and doing as much as I can to prevent it, they still take me over in the spring and fall. I feel like such an old lady carrying around tissues in my purse, every pocket possible, in the car. I can barely make it through a day without sneezing a million times.

3. Last week was my 5 year anniversary at my job, which is mindblowing to me.

4. Which also means I’ve been commuting 45 minutes each way ( sometimes more like 70 minutes) for 5 years. That’s a lot of NPR listening. Audio books have totally revived my commuting lately, though I’ve spaced out more than a few times driving and listening. The other day I found myself in a random part of the city across the river from me because I spaced out and took a random exit. In 5 years, that is definitely the first time that has ever happened!

5. This weekend, my two coworkers are getting married to each other which is so wonderful because in addition to being two of the best officemates ever, they have become two of my closest friends in the past five years at my job. Both of them have seen me through some rough days in work and life and I couldn’t be happier to be celebrating them this weekend. I promised the man that I wouldn’t cry ( he & I joke about being hardened, emotionless New England Yankees types, while his bride is from the Midwest and the sweetest gal I know), but these two are like family to me so I’m pretty sure I’ll shed a few tears.

Have a lovely weekend!

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