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Recipe Recommendation: Kielbasa

I think yesterday was a new record for how early I brought the slow cooker out, but I wanted to make dinner for the man and I, but it was so grossly humid and damp in MA yesterday ( Labor Day), that the thought of standing in the kitchen for more than a few minutes to make anything made me cranky. I took to my Pinterest slow cooker board in search of inspiration with things I already had in the freezer, pantry, and fridge.

And of course, I had virtually nothing that matched any thing I had pinned or was in the mood for last night.

But what I did have was a thing of kielbasa my parents gave me to over the weekend. I was sort of noodling about what to do with it and after my first attempt at finding a recipe was a fail, I went in search of something to make with the kielbasa.

This proved harder than I thought because I didn’t want anything with cabbage, potatoes, or anything resembling a comfort, heavy meal. After some different searching, I found this recipe which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Essentially it’s kielbasa in a cacciatore sauce ( which I normally don’t like when it’s with its usual friend, chicken).

It was beyond easy- instead of Trader Joe’s fire roasted frozen veggies I used a spaghetti sauce with fire-roasted tomatoes and garlic. I also did not use the entire jar of sauce- I knew the frozen veggies would add water to the sauce already and I didn’t want it to be too liquid-y for eating. We ate it over white rice, but it would definitely taste excellent on pasta and had we not eaten spaghetti a few nights prior, probably would have done that ourselves.

This recipe is definitely easy enough to make on the stovetop too  & if I did that, I would use fresh veggies instead, and might even do that again for the crockpot version. No photo of my completed dish though- we ate it all!

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One thought on “Recipe Recommendation: Kielbasa

  1. No shame…kielbasa is one of my favorite foods! I’ll definitely try this.

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