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Here’s To August

So the no-spend challenge of July was so successful that I think it’s pretty much become a new habit instead of just a one month adventure. The only purchases I made were related to life essentials of food, car, house, and health related. I had to make 2 purchases of greeting cards for special occasions, but each time that was the only thing I bought. One of the times I walked into Target to get a card I saw a cute pair of capris on sale on the end cap and actually grabbed them, but by the time I walked over to the card section, I put them back on the rack.

In the same vein as thinking about not spending– or more accurately– spending more wisely, I discontinued my DVD service of Netflix. With all the instant streaming options available, I barely used the DVDs for little more than new releases, which I can get at Redbox as I want them anyway. This tiny bit of fiscal fasting hasn’t had a huge impact quite yet on my bank account, but in terms of bringing less stuff into the house and not spending time shopping for things I don’t need, it has made a big dent.

August is shaping up to be an exciting month with celebrations and lots of relaxation time. I’m doing a fundraiser for a local art museum that brings artists from all skill levels together to create a piece of art during the day to then have it auctioned off that night, with all proceeds going towards the museum. I’m looking forward to this first public ‘showing’ of something I’ve done and am going to be taking a painting class in the fall too.

Mostly though, August is going to be a month to enjoy and spend less time worrying about next steps in life. I’ve been thinking a lot lately that maybe I’ve spent too much time thinking about all the possibilities that are out there for me instead of just choosing a way and seeing where it leads. It’s not so much that I’m over the process of self-discovery since I think that’s something we should be doing every day, but I think I’ve done far too much navel gazing and not enough time interacting with people in my life and making choices/decisions about future that lead to things actually moving forward. I’m really going to try to just trust my gut and DO in August, which was my theme for 2013 that I haven’t been entirely honoring seven months in.

So here’s to August!

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