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Five on Friday- End of July!

1. My fellow Stratejoy Season 5 blogger Laurenne has launched the most amazing new company– The World Less Traveled— for traveling the world. I’m dreaming of more world travel in the future and you should check out the website if you are too. You should probably check out the website anyway since the design is gorgeous and the pictures are pretty awesome.

2. Being in love is awesome for a thousand and one reasons, but this piece really just highlights some of the amazing feelings of life.

3. I’m a curious person who a lot of interests. I’m constantly finding myself fascinated with some of the most random things ( which is why I love NPR so much). The Google Doodle on Thursday the 25th was in honor of the birthday of Rosalind Franklin, who I knew nothing about previously. This article over at National Geographic has me wanting to know more about this leading lady of science.

4. I’m going to let everyone in on a big secret– I am a museum curator and I don’t always like going to museums. And when I do, I’m the worst visitor so this blog post pretty much is about me and my horrible museum going habits ( especially about asking for free admission/discounts and looking at how things are hung and the lighting).

5. Other than a family wedding tomorrow night, I have not a single plan for the weekend other than time with my man and lots of reading. I cannot wait- this week has been long and I keep calling sleeping in tomorrow morning the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Here’s to a happy and relaxing weekend to everyone!

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One thought on “Five on Friday- End of July!

  1. Hope you had a nice weekend!

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