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Summer Fun

With the gross heatwave behind us, I’m back to loving summer. Granted, this summer is going quickly, as they all seem to do, but I’m embracing the good moments as they come.

I’ve not done a whole lot on my summer bucket list, mostly because a good portion of June was rainy and a good portion of July has been that gross, humid, sweating just from breathing kind of heat.

My garden is blossoming and I’ve already have some zucchini, green beans, and one tomato from it. I have basil growing, lots of blossoms on the cucumbers and green peppers, and A LOT of green tomatoes which I can’t wait to eat. I think I’m going to try fried green tomatoes one night this week just to enjoy one out of the garden. Native tomatoes are by far one of the life’s most simple and best pleasures ( though ruins tomato eating for the winter!)

I’ve been to the beach only once, a real crime considering my work location and commute brings me past more than a few but that’s my top priority going forward. Since summer seems to stretch on far longer into September than it used to when I was a kid, I know my swimming days ahead are many.

The man and I have spent many nights in the backyard enjoying the cool breezes and summer craft beers, taken many walks by the river, and a few nights of ice cream dates. We haven’t gone on any of the adventures we had hoped, but many weekends lie ahead. I’ve enjoyed a good share of BBQs at my parents’ house and lazy afternoons with them on their deck, and definitely plenty of time in my sun room reading and watching movies on the iPad ( also did a fair share of that in the air conditioned bedroom this past week!)

I’m looking forward to lazy Sunday summer afternoons in August, a friend’s bridal shower, my first public art showing ( more on this later!), and more! How has your summer been?

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One thought on “Summer Fun

  1. Summer has been whizzing by! I went to Portland for WDS and helped organized a charity cocktail reception last week. This weekend, turning 30. Gulp.

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