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2013 Halfway Report

2013 has rocked for a bunch of big and small reasons and even though it’s flying by, I’m loving every day.

Back in January, I set a lot of goals and some of them weren’t quite rooted in actual thinking, i.e., whether or not I could even accomplish them. I’ve sort of forgotten a bit about some of the things on the list and adjusted others as my life has changed a bit, but overall, goals list or not, I’m feeling pretty great about where I am for the year and where the next 6 months will take me. That being said: a progress report is below.


– Switch over all retirement stuff to one firm: DONE– and seriously, it took like 15 minutes.

– Knock out 5% of debt: No progress here. This is funny for a zillion reasons, but mostly my horrible math skills are showing here because 5% of student loan debt is actually a lot of money ha. 

-One Month No Buy Challenge:  Still not completed, mostly because in February when I hoped to do this, I was trying to buy various things for my Holland trip while I saw them on sale, so I’m hoping the no buy challenge will happen this month since 3 days in and the only purchase I’ve made is food.

– Continue to grow my emergency fund: In process. Some weeks it’s $50, others nothing, but I’m trying.


-Do more walking and start weight training at home with kettlebell: In process. Based on my last post, I’ve been struggling with getting my act in gear in the last few weeks, but if I compare this year’s physical activity with last, I’m ahead of myself already.

-Eat breakfast everyday: Somewhat successful. This week I’ve had a hard boiled egg and banana every day. Last week I pretended coffee and a banana was breakfast. I’m getting better at thinking ahead for breakfast options that don’t involve a muffin or baked good at least.


– Set up a working office/reading/painting room: In process. All three elements of the room are in and I’ve used the space for the three purposes I wanted, but the spacing and set up isn’t working quite well yet so this might get completed in the fall when I’m back to spending more time in the house.

– Get new blinds for the entire house & new privacy sheers for front door & sunroom:  No progress. And honestly this is more of to-do list item, but clearly it’s not even close to being a priority in my head.  

– Paint front door inside&out, scrape/paint interior of sunroom: See above. 

-Clean up and prettify backyard including new back fence: DONE. I did my part for the economy and used my tax return to put up a new back fence; with the help of some landscapers, my dad, and my guy, I’ve done a lot of cleanup in the backyard and with some more hedge trimming, it really is a space I love to be in.

– Larger summer/fall vegetable garden:  In process. I wouldn’t call it “large,” but it’s a few feet wide by a few feet long. I’m currently growing zucchini ( ate the first one last night!), a few kinds of tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, basil, and broccoli ( which is not going well and probably coming out this weekend).

– Research remodeling attic: DONE, as in making Pinterest boards and daydreaming about this, but I’ve sort of tabled even thinking about it since thinking about moving has entered my brain again.


– Be more social:  Success. I spent a good portion of the earlier part of the year doing online dating and seeing friends whenever I could; now that I’m seeing someone, we continue to be social together and I’m seeing friends as I want too!

– Have friends& family over for dinner at least once a month:  Little to no progress. I had 2 friends over in January and my family over for Father’s Day, but I’ve really failed in making dinner for friends and family. Goal is to turn this one around ASAP!

-Read 50 books:  In progress. I’m behind a bit but I’ve read 20 out of 50.

-Get with it with the blog: Not doing so hot. I am not going to go with self hosting for the time being because I currently don’t devote myself to this space enough or know what direction I want the blog to go in.

-Disciplined with freelance writing: No progress.

– Scan and organize career portfolio of media articles, exhibit reviews, work achievements, etc.:  No progress. I actually totally forgot about this goal.

-Get out of house more to do the things I love: In progress. I have to remind myself to do this, honestly.


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