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Go, and embrace your liberty. And see what wonderful things come of it. – Little Women

5 on Friday

* I discovered that I love to paint last September and have spent a good portion of time since them dabbling with it, but every time I sit down and try to create something, my inner critic tells me how unartis-like I am and I worry about what I’m doing. Nicole wrote a great piece about how to stop telling ourselves we’re not something ( in her case, an athlete). I’m really trying to stop telling myself I’m not an artist.

* My coworker and I had a great time reminiscing about these toys of our youth. I had a few of these and I saw the Snoopy snocone maker re-released at Target last summer– everything old is new again!

* My friend Lauren tweeted this article this week and it resonated with me on a lot of levels. I’m nowhere near thinking about a baby yet, but I definitely understand being the odd girl out and trying to make a life for yourself as an adult when friends are making their own families and doing their own thing. It’s the thing I’ve struggled the most with after the divorce and I think I’m finally getting there with having a life I love and am proud of.

* I’ve been thinking a lot lately about next steps in life, but the self-doubt and wondering about so many possibilities often overwhelms me. When I read Amy’s piece about worthiness, I just kept nodding my head because I’ve thought so many times ” why would anyone want to do this or that with me?” I know I am worthy of great things that come my way and perhaps just being a bit more mindful of being open to opportunities and experience, and less worrying about the future, will allow those things to develop.

* Spring is here in Massachusetts/Rhode Island- the tulips are gorgeous, my grass is green, and the lilac bush in my backyard is in bloom! I had lunch outside yesterday and I’m so happy the warmer weather is here! Looking forward to putting up screens this weekend, airing out the house, and doing some yard work.


Wishing you all a lovely weekend!


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