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Welcome to the Crazy

Every year for the past almost 5 years ( what!?! How have I been at my job this long!), March is the CRAZIEST month at work for me. Exhibit installation, getting the museums ready for the season, general craze of spring and life, and much more.

You’d think after all these years and the cycle of my job that I would be prepared for when this happens. But every year it sort of sneaks up on me and I find myself sort of in a whirlwind. This past weekend I didn’t have much planned and instead of trying to get ahead of things to lighten the load in the next few weeks, I sort of just hunkered down with myself and enjoyed the winter sunshine in the sun room, took naps, and read. It’s hard sometimes for me to put the giant to do list aside and take time for myself, but I’m glad I didn’t do a whole lot this past weekend and was able to breathe a bit. Of course, come the next few weekends of birthday parties, conference presentations, and a social life, I may regret that weekend of doing nothing as I stare at the growing pile of dust bunnies.


Oh who I am kidding? I’ll never regret an afternoon spent reading over housework.


And now…drumroll please! A winner of the giveaway for my birthday and 100th blog post!! The lucky gal picked randomly by rafflecopter is………. Stephany!!

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One thought on “Welcome to the Crazy

  1. Yay! So happy I won. šŸ™‚

    And good luck on your crazy month ahead of you!

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