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Go, and embrace your liberty. And see what wonderful things come of it. – Little Women

Pretty Damn Awesome

I knew 2013 would be better than the year before. I knew I wanted to take charge of life and be in the driver’s seat.

I just didn’t realize how easy that could be.

You’re thinking– “duh!” but as we all know, change- life changes- can be difficult. I’ve let the fear of failure cripple me for awhile now. But some time in January I just decided that this slothness, hermit lifestyle alone with my Netflix and books wasn’t everything I wanted. I wanted more and maybe because I’ve spent a year doing not much in terms of action, I stopped finding the excuses and I just did it.

And doing it- pushing myself to go to an exercise class alone, working on kicking sugar and loads of carbs out of my diet, forcing myself to take walks after work, etc. Doing it is, it turns out, sort of easy.

Now I still am a bit nervous about walking in alone to the Zumba class tonight and haven’t yet joined to find activity groups that might interest me, but the motivation is there and I can feel it inside me. It doesn’t want to take to the couch and slip into the sweatpants any longer. I crave people, conversations,  connections, and really just want to DO THINGS. I’m planning and writing like crazy, but it’s like never before. It’s not about the next big achievement in my career or figuring out how to make $200 more a month– it’s all about me and things I want.

And it’s pretty damn awesome.


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3 thoughts on “Pretty Damn Awesome

  1. I love how action begets more action. 🙂

  2. That’s so awesome! Good for you putting yourself out there. I love meetups, so hopefully you find one or two that you click with.

  3. I’m finding this lesson so true for myself, too. It’s hard to make that first step and get over the fear of being the new kid… but once you do, you realize how much it’s worth it and how much you stand to gain!

    I’ve only attended one club I found on Meetup, but I definitely want to try some other groups out. It’s the fear holding me back right now.

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