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Go, and embrace your liberty. And see what wonderful things come of it. – Little Women

Finally Friday!

1. Finally Friday! This week at work was one of those where after some days, the brain is so fried that even boiling water seems like a chore! I rewarded myself with a day off on Wednesday, which was just the best. I highly recommend random days off in the middle of the week if you can- it was quiet, I was able to get errands done without stores being packed, and knocked a bunch of items off my to do list.

2. NPR is my commuting best friend, especially in the mornings when I need something more than just music and banter to wake me up and get my brain ready for work. This week they had a really awesome week-long series on young people and their relationship with religion which I found really compelling and definitely has me thinking. This is a topic which I’ve been thinking about a lot personally as of late and something I’m working through myself so a lot of what the interviewees had to say stuck with me. I was raised Catholic and subscribe to a lot of the beliefs still, but there are definitely others that I strongly disagree with so I’m currently in a bit of back and forth about how that defines my faith- or if it whatever concoction of religion I believe in is okay.

3. In a bit of shameless self-promotion, I’m over at Her Silent Musings talking about my job and creativity in my life.

4. I don’t know what it is lately, but various drivers I come across lately seem to be more and more rude, which I think is beyond ridiculous. In so many aspects of my life, I’m trying to be a kinder and gentler person and trying to be more courteous to drivers ( letting them cut in, take left hand turns, etc.) is one of my big things right now. It’s not that I have road rage or am aggressive driving, but when you spend almost 10 or so hours in the car each week commuting, my attitude about my fellow road warriors can definitely be pretty gloomy. So I’m trying to be a better driver– seriously people, how hard is it to put your turn signal on!?!?

5. I just started reading Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter and am very much enjoying it- it’s a great mix of fun, light reading with wonderful storytelling- highly recommend so far. I’m also in the middle of reading Little Women– for probably the 15th time. TwookClub is reading it for this month, but I reread this book at least once a year just because it makes me feel comforted and happy.

Enjoy your weekend and hope you have something fun planned!

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