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Organization Freak

In the past few days, a few of my favorite bloggers posted about getting organized in 2013, buying new planners, and so on. This brings me great joy because I am one of those people who considers organization one of life’s simple pleasures.

I don’t know what it is, but there is so much excitement to buying a new planner and sitting down with some great pens to fill in the never changing dates like birthdays and holidays off from work. I have tried for years to be an all digital calendar gal, but I can’t make the switch. Something about the process of writing things down makes them real and tangible to me, as well as commits them to memory. FYI, I’m the same way with studying and note taking- you should see the files I’ve created at work just of notepads for exhibit research.

Organization to me is fun because I like all the pretty accessories that go with it, but really for me it’s about sanity. This organization extends to the house, office, purse, and so on. I try to keep all matters of life in a somewhat mannerly way ( I kind of have a basket addiction), though I will admit that I have ‘organized’ areas of junk, out of sight of course. As I’ve been working on  Apartment Therapy’s January Cure, I’ve tried to tackle these secret piles in the closets and basements, but I have an ever growing of pile of items to sell that I fear will stick around to spring when I can have a yard sale with other members of the family. But it’s in my basement so if you come over, you can’t see that haha.

The sanity aspect is knowing where things are when I need them, but also having a lot of clutter and stuff around really gets in my way of thinking and being able to get things done. I think I’ve always been this way ( though my mother might disagree), but I have to clear and clean out the physical space before I can think about tackling a project. Last night I sat down to attack my piles of to do lists and scribbled notes into a somewhat coherent plan for the months ahead- just having one notebook divided by month with all the various action items I want to accomplish made me feel like it is all very attainable. I’m going to try to only write the action items down in this one notebook as a way to try to clear out the worrying about forgetting something on another list! We’ll see how this new organization method works.

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