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Friday Finds September 2012

This weekend has a lot of fun packed into two days! Saturday I am very pumped to be attending the Springboard Conference in Boston( thanks to the Clever Girls Collective I won my registration!) and Sunday night the Emmys are on and I almost always watch all awards shows with my mom, which is sort of funny since I’m not really into celebrity stuff and haven’t watched regular TV in ten months or so since I cut cable.

Lots of fun around the internet to share today!

  • First off, thank you all for your votes in the Stratejoy Essay Contest. While I was not the lucky winner, the winning essay by Mara was fantastic. Congrats!
  • Speaking of Stratejoy, Season 7 bloggers started this week. As a lover of the website and its goals, and a Stratejoy blog alum, I think you should check out all the ladies, especially Mary who is a local to me! Love nearby blog folks!
  • Read this by Stereo and it should be obvious why this is a favorite.
  • I’m a crazy tea lover- my day is not complete without at least a few cups. And as this fantastic graphic states, it really is pure magic.
  • Kat (fellow Stratejoy season 5 alum!) is a rockstar for me because she made the huge grand leap for her dreams and moved to Australia last year. As I’ve been thinking about being an action-focused and goal oriented person, I really loved her take on moving forward with new goals and desires. Also, her photographs are pretty awesome.
  • I’ve been pretty lucky to write around the interwebs in different spots and two separate pieces I wrote when up this week on two pretty awesome blogs: Creating a Sanctuary in Your House over on Doni’s blog and then over at Apocalypstick with some advice on living and being organized in a small space.

Cheers to a great weekend!

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