Life By Kristen

Go, and embrace your liberty. And see what wonderful things come of it. – Little Women

Things I’ve Learned- Take 1

  • Never go to the supermarket hungry and right after work. It never goes well for me and always ends in frustration and impatience.
  • Planning what to wear the night before during the work week is always the best option because in morning at 6AM, nothing seems to go together or look right.
  • I’m not 22 and anything more than two alcoholic beverages in quick succession will make me feel gross the next morning.
  • Trying to function on less than seven hours of sleep does not make me a nice person to work with or be around.
  • 8 hours of computer time during the work day is plenty
  • Always eat breakfast
  • Being self deprecating about something serious is never quite as funny to other people as it is to you
  • Bring a cardigan/blazer/jacket everywhere
  • Writing down my worries/fears/frustrations is always better than letting them simmer in my brain and result in an irrational breakdown
  • Similarly, going for a walk/jog when feeling worried/stressed/frustrated is always a better idea than sitting on the couch watching mindless television
  • Getting rid of cable is freeing for so much more than just the budget
  • Nothing ever tastes as good as your mother’s spaghetti sauce
  • Cookie dough is not a fulfilling dinner
  • Unless you want to pick up trash all over the place in the morning, wait to put it out on the curb to the morning of trash pickup. Or, buy a barrel. ( OK this lesson took me a few times to learn- gross. )
  • Being cynical is a survival skill and NOT a way of life.
  • Bookstores, libraries, and art museums are my happy places to be solo.
  • Peanut M&Ms are essential for plane rides.

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