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Ten on Tuesday: Food Edition

Today is last day to vote in the Stratejoy Essay Contest! My essay is #14 & you can vote here. Voting closes tonight at midnight PST. I would be so incredibly thankful for your vote- $500 will go a long way for me!

Ten random facts about me & food!

1. I dislike almost all cooked fruit, in particular fruit pies. Not. A. Fan.

2. I like ketchup with cucumbers.

3. In my version of heaven, there is lots of bread, vegetables, shrimp, chocolate, and cheese.

4. I like trying and cooking new things, especially Indian and Thai dishes

5. I’m slightly afraid of deep frying things, but I love fried food

6. I’ll take delicious seafood of any kind over a steak any day.

7. I greatly dislike oatmeal, smoothies, wet cereal, milkshakes, some yogurt, and rice & tapioca pudding, but I love pudding. It’s a texture thing, but still sort of weird, right?

8. I love just about every vegetable under the sun, with Brussels sprouts and broccoli tied for first.

9. Chocolate and peanut butter, in any way I can get it, can make the worst situation seem far better.

10. Having a dessert in place of a meal, in particular breakfast or dinner, is not uncommon for me.

What sort of random food likes or dislikes do you have?

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