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9 Months Down, 3 To Go

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Someone I worked with told me it was 98 days til Christmas today. How is that possible? I’m still on June time and lamenting that I never got to the beach this summer- a real crime considering where I work and that my commute involves driving by one twice a day.

But it is mid September and here’s a check in on the progress of my goals for this year:

1. Read 50 new books this year. I made mention of this in a previous post that I do not think I will make it to 50, but so far I’ve finished 28.

2. Tackle at least three items on my 30×30 list. I’ve knocked a few off this list ( see new 30×30 page at the top of blog) and will work on some more.

3. Grow out my hair for Locks of Love. My hair was at ten inches in July, but when I went for the big cut, I chickened out and did a trim instead. Considering the cooler temperatures have arrived in Massachusetts, going out in the morning with wet hair is not a good option anymore, so either I need to buck it up and wake up early to blow dry out my thick tresses or take the cutting plunge.

4. Create at least one thing from Pinterest a week. I have not been great with this goal, though I have one Pinterest meal on my weekly meal plan this week so fingers crossed I can continue that.

5. Stop complaining about my weight gain and actually do something about it. It’s been a few pounds on, a few pounds off for quite some time now. I’m eating well, but still not consistently working out.

6. Get serious about writing- this blog, freelance, my book ideas, my journaling. I am excited to say that this is moving forward in various ways and in the increments I wanted to see.

7. Make better attempts at communication & plans with friends, family. I’m doing this pretty well I feel, though scheduling the lives of busy friends and family does take a lot!

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