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Friday Finds September 14, 2012

A few favorites, a few links, and what’s up on tap for the weekend!

  • Amy is one of my favorite blogger’s and this post about being cool, eager, and open really struck a chord with me. Must read!
  • I’m a big fan of Already Pretty for her great outfit combos and honest, realistic looks at women’s bodies and clothes. As I’m working to dress and honor the body I have now, I found her take on compliments and the idea of body stewardship to be especially compelling.
  • In a bit of shameless self-promotion, an essay I wrote for Stratejoy’s essay contest was chosen as a finalist. The voting goes live this weekend, and I’d be ever thankful for your vote. The essay is here.   What would I do with $500 big ones? I’d save a good portion of it towards my 2013 Holland fund, buy a few things for my home office organization/redo project, and book an hour massage for myself.
  • I absolutely LOVED painting last weekend at the Florence Griswold Museum and am pretty impressed with my first time attempt at painting since mandatory art class in school. I’ve bought some small canvasses and some art supplies as part of the back to school sales… Perhaps I’ve found my visual creative outlet?
  • Cool temps this weekend have me planning some baking for Sunday and the dreaded ( and long put off) scraping of the exterior of my sunporch and hopefully painting it too!

Hope your weekend treats you right!


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