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Dreams of Culinarian Creations

As much denial I am in that Saturday is September 1, I’m also really looking forward to the fall, as I know from the social media world, a lot of other people are too!

I’m looking forward to cool nights, sweater dresses, and cardigans with jeans. Of course the not sweating just sitting feeling will be great, the ability to do work outside on the house without worrying about heat stroke, and not having to commute in a hot sauna of a car without AC and sitting in beach traffic.

There are a zillion things I didn’t do this summer- never got a beach day in ( which is a crime) or went for drinks at Castle Hill. There is still plenty of time for that of course, since summer never really ends in New England until middle to late September, though who knows anymore with the wacky weather.

What I am most looking forward to is having cooler weather to cook again. On hot nights after work in the summer the combination of hot house, sweating, and being tired mean a lot of quick salads, takeout, or dinner over at my parents. It was just too much work and effort for me this year. Now that the temps are starting to get back into the not sweating- all-the-time mode, I can’t wait to bake bread, use my slowcooker, and roast potatoes. I have a pretty strict no oven in the summer rule, which I broke last week to make zucchini bread ( disclaimer: it was the most cool night in the while and I was doing it at about 9pm). I’ve already started planning meals and making organized Pinterest boards for soups and pasta dishes to try out.

Cooking has not always been my favorite thing and it has only been in the past few years where I have come to love it, read recipes and cookbooks for fun, and really experiment with food. I still have so long to go especially when it comes to improvising and looking into the freezer and cabinets to be able to make a meal from the most random ingredients. But I enjoy it a lot and I’m looking forward to making meals to share with my family on a more regular basis. I hate to waste food so I end up eating even some of the clunkers and often feeling down about the bad results, but I’m improving everyday. I’m contemplating a more formal cooking class in the later fall as well to learn more about cuisine, flavors, and to improve my knife skills. And of course- to document all the trials and tribulations on the blog too!

How are you in the kitchen? Are you a reluctant cook or a master chef?

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One thought on “Dreams of Culinarian Creations

  1. I aspire to be a cook, but I’m definitely more of a baker. It’s a stress-reliever for me and my friends and family love the results.

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