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Sunday Rituals

This Sunday morning may be the most glorious in a long time. It is an amazing day with no humidity, sun shining, and the quiet that only seems to happen on a Sunday morning.

I’ve come to love Sunday as my favorite day of the week. It’s always a day filled with relaxation and enjoyment for me, and even when I get minor cases of the Sunday night blues because of the week ahead, I still feel so great because I have had an awesome day.

To me, there is nothing better than getting up at whatever time on a Sunday ( usually by 9AM at the latest) and enjoying my cup of coffee in my sunroom. While I usually read blogs and the news, I could just sit in the quiet with my coffee waking up and thinking about the day. The mornings are also one of the best times for me to write & be productive in organizing my thoughts.

It’s so funny to me to think back at how I was when I was younger- even just five or so years ago when I languished in the laziness on Sunday mornings- watching whatever movie was on cable or staying in my pajamas until noon time.

Sunday also has become my centering point in the week as I almost always have Sunday dinner ( really it’s lunch) with my family. I look forward to this every week not just because it means a great meal and leftovers for Monday, but it’s always the best time to spend a few hours with my parents, grandmother, brother, and whoever else comes over. We gather for food and family, laughter and love, and to enjoy each other’s company. It’s both the best way to start off a week of work and best way to end a weekend. It’s become my moment of clarity and sanity in the week, no matter how wild or crazy my family gets.

While I am fairly  religious, I have not gone to church in some time. In my opinion, my Sunday rituals are special and scared in a different way, but with the same ideals of reflection, faith, and family that seem to be lost by so many people today. I don’t think it matters where you go or how you do it, but spending time with yourself and surrounded by loved ones- whether it’s blood family or the family you make- is one of the best ways to start/end a week.

What are some of your Sunday rituals? Running errands? Church? Football? I’d love to hear them!

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