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Summer Hermit Phase

In the past two weeks or so I’ve sort of forgotten about blogging, freelance writing gigs, even Twitter a bit. Some of it was a self-imposed internet disconnect, some of it was just a general disinterest in writing or connecting.

I don’t know what it is, but every now and again I go into a bit of hermit mode where movies and books on the couch are more interesting than social interaction or expressing creativity. I haven’t even been journaling all that much. I have been watching a lot of Breaking Bad on Netflix streaming. And reading. My refrigerator is looking pretty sparse since the past two weeks or so going to the grocery store has not seemed appealing. I had to go last week; it might have been my tiredness from my work day that Tuesday or the hell that is the market the day before a holiday, but my brain couldn’t get it together to get more than sparkling water and apples while I was there.

There has been some stress the past two weeks that I think has made me go into turtle mode. The car issue was my timing belt, which normally would be frustrating but because I was proactive in November and had it replaced before I hit 100,000 miles on the car, it was still under warranty by my mechanic. It was absolutely shredded apparently. It’s never a good sign though when they tell you that they’ve never seen something like that happen before and can’t quite figure out why. I was carless for a week but thanks to my amazing parents, was able to use my mom’s vehicle to get back and forth to work.

The stress of the house has continued a bit, but just this morning I heard from the bank that things are looking okay. I’m still not set yet and I’m very cautious ( thought optimistic) about moving forward with it. My house is a bit of  clutter crazy zone because of it- it’s hard to want to get excited about doing projects or improvements when things still seemed so precarious.

Maybe it’s just the heat and the gross, sweating just from breathing thing that was going on for the past week or so. Installing a bedroom AC window unit has helped with this.

So my self imposed Emily Dickinson recluse phase of summer is pretty much done I think, though I do reserve the right for some AC filled hot Sundays watching endless movies.

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One thought on “Summer Hermit Phase

  1. I think those self imposed recluse times are vital to retaining a normal mental health! Embrace it! 😀

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