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Checking in on 2012 Goals

Back in January ( well, I was a slow starter to really February) I listed out my goals for 2012.  Since we’re in mid June, I thought I’d check back in on some of these.

My Twelve Changes initiative has been going well- each month to make a change and try to incorporate it into my life. I often forget to drink a lot of water every day or get up when the alarm clock goes off, but I have been good with meditating, being in touch with friends and family, and being active. In May, I tried to blog more, which I had some success with.  This month of June my goal is to read more, which has been very easy.

The goal of reading fifty books this year was one that I thought would be easiest, though some of my book selections have taken me longer to read than I thought. I committed myself to read not only titles that have long been on my bookshelf, but also to challenge myself to read books outside of my normal genre interests and a lot of the classics and traditional titles that I missed in school or never read. It took me awhile to get into books like Steinbeck’s East of Eden ( though once I did, I really loved it). I’m currently reading On the Road by Jack Kerouac and while I am determined to finish, I’m not the biggest fan. At the current rate, I’m nine behind on reaching my goal by the end of the year. I’m not terribly concerned because I read the most in the summer and often knock out one or two quick reads over a weekend.

I updated my 30×30 list this week and I feel confident that some more of these items will be accomplished in the coming months, especially thanks to the suggestions and help from friends in the internet world 🙂

My hair is currently within cutting length for Locks of Love ( minimum is 10 inches) which is great because as we get into the humid summer weather in New England, my hair has been pretty consistently up in a clip or a bun since it gets so crazy and wild at this length. I’m aiming to have a haircut in July.

The writing goal really has been one I’ve tried to work the hardest on and I’ve even begun identifying myself as a writer first, curator second a few times! I have a lot of ideas and possibilities so after all is settled with my house, I’m going to be really amping this aspect of life up.

I’ve slacked a bit with making/living out Pinterest board stuff. I have been cooking less and when I do, I’ve been going to my staple dishes and not going out of the box too much. I did use Pinterest a lot as I worked on the house redecorating over the winter. While I continue to pin a lot of fun and random things, I hope to make more of an effort to make the pins a reality this summer ( I’ve been on a pops, ice cream, and adult beverages kick lately).

I’ve been better at getting in touch with friends and family, making plans, etc. but the months of May and June are so incredibly busy with work events, graduations, travel, that I’ve definitely slacked off a bit in this area. I’m also slacking in the being active as much as I want. I’ve been going walking a lot and trying to go on my lunch breaks from work too, but the motivation has been hard to come by. I’m trying to eat well, which has been relatively easy now that local fresh produce is abundant in my area, but also hard at times to fight the temptation to want to hit the local dairy stand for ice cream for dinner.

So six months into 2012 ( how is it June!?!?), I think I’m doing pretty well on achieving my goals. What I like about my aspirations for 2012 is that there really is no losing for me because even if I fell short on the number of books read or did not make enough from Pinterest, I’ve still been working at what I want and enjoy the most. And that’s a total win!



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One thought on “Checking in on 2012 Goals

  1. Yay! I’m loving the progress 🙂

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