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Wandering Mind Wednesday

*I slept horribly last night- something like only 4 hours of sleep. I found myself on the couch watching Cops at 2AM. My mind is, justly I think, all over the place this morning.

*I threw out the to do list ( well sorta). I made a small list of some of the bigger cleaning things I want to do at home, mostly because they involve moving furniture or an appliance that requires assistance from an adult. In my planner, I did make a small list of a few presents & cards I have been meaning to send.

*Yesterday I discovered that sour cream mixed with dill on top of a potato is sort of unbelievable.

* Last night I think the reason I was unable to sleep was because I was up uncharacteristically late for a school night ( also I’m not in school any more, but yet I still call them that. Hmm. ). Dancing with the Stars finale was on til 11p EST which is about an hour after I usually go to bed. I stayed awake by playing endless games of Spider Solitaire on my iPod Touch. The old lady geekiness of this entire statement does not elude me, but I am  not ashamed to own up to any of it.

* I also love musicals. Of all kinds, especially cheesy movie musicals that include large dance numbers of people dancing in streets and men crooning their love to women.

* I bought these cute gray jersey peeptoe flat sandals which are uber comfortable, but have a weird soft jersey bottom to the shoe. Watching me walk on my hardwood floors this morning as well as on the polished marble at work has been quite entertaining for all.

*I am signed up for far too many survey/consumer rewards groups but I am *thisclose* to good prizes or cash in almost all of them, I don’t want to cancel/unsubscribe yet. Total First World Problem.

*My garden is up thanks to my amazing and awesome Dad! And I have three tomato plants!

* Just about done reading Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand by Helen Simonson. Cute, quick read, definitely recommend for a light but witty read this summer.

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One thought on “Wandering Mind Wednesday

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Kristen 🙂

    Sour cream and dill on baked potatoes is pretty much THE BEST 🙂
    Als0, yay for mini-gardens… I have some tomato plants (and other stuff) up on my balcony as well 🙂 So excited to harvest something in a few weeks (I hope).

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