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23 Musings

Scintilla Day 9: Write a list of 23. (23 things to do, 23 people you owe apologies to, 23 books you’ve lied about reading, 23 things you can see from where you’re sitting, 23 ten-word hooks for stories you want to tell….)

Monday mornings are a breeding ground for thoughts running through my mind- they run from the mundane to the more thoughtful.

1. I love Pinterest for ideas and creativity, but my boards are really mocking me. I’ve cooked a few things here and there, incorporated some ideas for the house, etc. but mainly its a lust board, though I like to think it is the visual representation of the random things I think about or go through my brain.

2. Don’t forget to run to the eye doctor’s office on the way home tonight to get new glasses tightened.

3. Make meals for friends with new baby ( born Friday!) and deliver ASAP

4. Buy paint for bedroom to finally get it done this weekend

5. I really want to go to New Orleans in the fall

6. Between Pinterest and the random things I pull out of magazines, I really need to get busy. I say that  a lot too. I actually thought to myself this weekend as I flipped wildly through two binders full of recipes that maybe I should just throw them out and start fresh. But all that time and effort compiling!

7. I’m not a hoarder and love nothing more than purging, but thinking about those binders of recipes makes me think I have some cooking/baking recipe addiction.

8. Speaking of cooking, I made a meal plan for the week and have all the supplies. After finding a rotten onion in the drawer on Friday night, I definitely need to get going on making things because I hate nothing more than wasting food.

9. In the name of wasting food, I have a container of veggie and rice soup and two containers of tortellini chicken soup in the freezer that I am contemplating throwing out. The veggie soup I might be able to save– I used too much rice when I made it and not enough stock ( this should be easily to solve, yes?) But the tortellini chicken soup never tasted quite right when I made it– though I guess I could thaw out and try to add spices to it. I really really hate throwing out food.

10. I’m super pumped to have a garden this summer but not so pumped for the hard work ahead in prepping an area in the backyard and doing spring clean up.

11. After spending the weekend with the most amazing dog ( and her owner), I am convinced that having an animal around makes me a much more lowkey gal.

12. I spent yesterday (Sunday) watching movies and reading magazines with coffee. It ruled.

13. I’m way behind on my reading 50 books for 2012. I’m in the middle of East of Eden by Steinbeck- a book I’ve started and stopped before. I want to love it because amazing dog owner man loves it and recommended it. I’m going to stick with it. I feel pretty confident that I can still stick to the 50 new books this year, especially in the summer I usually read a book or two every few days since TV is not fantastic.

14. I don’t miss cable TV really, but last night I missed the season 5 premiere of Mad Men because I didn’t have cable and was not in the mood to hang out late on a Sunday night at my parents’ house to watch it. That and I miss PBS. I’m hoping when I rearrange my living room furniture and move the TV closer to a window that I might get some better service on my digital antenna to get the local PBS station, but I’m not crossing my fingers.

15. I think about how to move the living room furniture around more times than not. I probably could have had ten different configurations by now if I just became a person of action and got it done. It’s so tough though- I want to be able to look at fireplace and watch TV, but the door to the house comes right smack in the middle of the living room. And there’s nowhere to put my jacket unless it’s on a chair.

16. I also keep saying in my head that ‘when I have time,’ I will start doing something about being disciplined with writing or being more creative. I should just go spend the next free afternoon painting pottery or writing by the ocean instead of watching movies.

17. The problem is I love movies. Even bad ones I can usually find something positive about like the cinematography, costumes, or even how great the lead actress’ hair looked. I enjoy films a lot and since I don’t have cable, I really enjoy knocking them off my Netflix list quickly.

18. I’m going to watch Dancing with the Stars at my parents’ house tonight and I’m pretty pumped about it.

19. How is Sunday April 1st!?!?!

20. That means my new show at work opens soon. And installation is not going well. Half of my worst museum exhibit nightmare is coming true with panels not staying on the walls. The other half is objects falling off the walls. My boss told me he had a nightmare over the weekend that the main staircase in the museum fell. Clearly he and I are a tad stressed about work. Real vacation probably not coming until the fall though.

21. I have a really great list of posts to get up here- and photos to take of progress at the house. And a huge list of food to make this week and things to get going on. Sigh, it will happen one of these days.

22. The good friend who had the baby on Friday is like a sister to me- we grew up together and her parents are like my second parents. I cannot believe that we are old enough to have kids. Also, her little girl, Lyla, is super cute and has a full head of hair and the longest eyelashes ever. Can’t wait to meet her this week. Also, if I decide to go the baby route, I want a baby with long eyelashes- makes my heart swoon.

23. My new dream job is to sit in the sun and read and write all day. Or sit on a gray day doing the same. Really I just want to write, read, and write some more.

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