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When I blogged over at Stratejoy, I wrote about my 30×30 list– thirty things I wanted to do before I turned 30 in 2013. Since my 29th just passed, I’m adding the list to the blog and updating the progress, with one year to go:

1. Go to the opera

2. Visit Holland, see the tulips, cheese market, & Anne Frank House: This is my 30th birthday present! My mother (who is Dutch) and I are going in April or May 2013 to do this- she has not been back to the Netherlands since she was a teenager & I have wanted to go since I was a child.

3. Dog sledding

4. Hot air balloon ride (almost came to fruition this year but I procrastinated & then the Groupon deal was gone!)

5. Spa weekend with my girlfriends

6. Buy a piece of original artwork

7. Own my own home

8. Live alone (though not how I had originally planned or thought it would happen)

9. Professional cooking class Indian cooking class with my great friend Liz was my 29th birthday present to myself

10. Get rid of credit card debt

11. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity

12. Mow my own lawn

13. Have a garden & grow my own vegetables

14. Speak at a national conference (1st time accomplished in 2008, will be doing again in April 2012)

15. Go salsa dancing

16. Learn ballroom dancing

17. Compete in Scrabble competition

18. Cook major holiday meal for my family

19. Change a tire and/or oil

20. Do a Polar Bear Plunge

21. Run a 5K (I did one in August 2010 but I want to attack again!)

22. Do my family history/genealogy

23. Road trip across the United States

24. Adopt a rescue dog

25. Make something creative that people might be interested in purchasing

26. Take a painting class

27. Go to the Brimfield Antiques Fair

28.  Have my own blog

29. Volunteer at soup kitchen on Thanksgiving or Christmas

30. Digitize all of the family 8mms, videos, and photographs

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3 thoughts on “30×30

  1. You can do the Polar Bear Plunge with me next year! It will be my third year in a row!

  2. Find a 5K you want to run, and I’ll totally do it with you! I don’t think I have any in my calendar this year, but I’m ready to run one now, so just let me know.

    I’ll also go salsa dancing with you! I believe Olive’s in Providence has salsa Tuesdays. 😉

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