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Every Day Moments of Joy

I missed scintilla prompt 3 on Friday- we’re in the middle of mounting and installing the new exhibit at work and Friday all the things went wrong. I did make some notes on the prompt so will post a story with them soon.


Day 4 Prompt: What does your everyday look like? Describe the scene of your happiest moment of every day.

The time of night between 530pm and around 8pm is my favorite time of day, no matter the season. In the early darkness of that time in the winter it invites me to curl up in my favorite purple sweatpants with a comfy long-sleeve tee under my pink down-alternative throw on my couch, pop open a good book or get lost in a favorite movie, and spend my night relaxing with a cup of tea or glass of wine.

In the spring, summer, and fall, that time when I first get home from work is exciting, especially as the daylight stays longer and longer. It’s quiet and peaceful- taking walks through the neighborhood to clear my head or sitting in my backyard with a cold drink, the hours are there to allow me to ease out of work mode and into my time.

Regardless of the season, there is nothing more amazing than that moment I walk through the door, throw aside the mail and all the things of the day, and realize I have no plans for the evening other than to relax. On those nights I am almost giddy with excitement at the prospect of spending a few hours reading, watching a movie, writing, and drinking tea. That moment when I can kick off my conservative curator shoes, wash my face, and put my pajamas on is pure gold to me. And all the ladies know that there is nothing better at the end of the day than taking that bra off!

Enjoying my time of relaxation comes with no to-do list, no concerns about how I look, or worries about getting chores down– it’s just pure joy and calm.

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One thought on “Every Day Moments of Joy

  1. girl, we are of the exact same mind about this. my boyfriend is noisy, he likes tv on and such, but when i lived alone my happiest moment was walking in to the quiet, settling my things, and just doing my own relaxy stuff for the night.


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